From 2022, rockets will be launching into space from UK spaceports for the very first time. And we need your help! We’re asking 4-11 year olds from around the UK to design a logo that could go on these rockets.

Your logo needs to let people know about the satellite’s important mission of taking important measurements and collecting data that can be used to help protect our planet from climate change.

You can design it on your own, or with a crew of up to three other teammates. It can be anything from a painting, drawing, collage, design on a computer or even drawn with your friends in chalk in the playground.

Everyone who enters will receive a LaunchUK certificate, and there are special prizes for the winners from each region too.

What’s more, the overall winner will see their winning design put on rockets launching from UK spaceports and may even have the chance to go and see a rocket blasting off – how cool is that?!

So, are you ready to join the mission?

Competition key dates

27 November 2021: Open for entries

11 March 2022: Entries close

22 March 2022: Regional winners contacted

24 March 2022: Virtual Grand Final

Late March 2022: Winner announced

Mid 2022: Logo artwork produced for rockets and first rocket launches!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Logo Lift Off, please simply get in touch.


LaunchUK is a partnership between the UK Space Agency and the Department for Transport, and supported by the Civil Aviation Authority, the official regulator for spaceflight activities from the UK.

LaunchUK aims to establish commercial vertical and horizontal small satellite launches from UK spaceports from 2022. Not only will UK launches create highly skilled jobs and bring economic and social benefits to communities and organisations across the UK, it will also act as a catalyst for growth in the wider space industry.

We want to use the exciting activity taking place across the UK launch sector to inspire a pipeline of young people to be the next generation of spaceflight engineers, scientists, and explorers to build and sustain the future space opportunities for years to come.

Logos for the Department for Transport, UK Space Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority