What can satellites tell us about the sea?

Satellites can help us monitor any changes in our oceans. Try this activity to learn more about what happens if the sea temperature changes, learning more about what the impact of that changing might be on all the animals that live in the sea. Then if you’re up for it, you might start finding out more about the acidity of our oceans.

We’ll look at satellite imagery throughout and can even get hands on with a few simple materials to find out more pH levels of different samples. How do the things that live in the sea cope with a change in acidity? Try this activity to find out.

What will you need?

You can do some of this activity with no materials, apart from downloading activity pack, but you will need a few simple things to complete the experiments.

Experiment 1

• Container
• Warm and cold water
• Ice cubes
• Thermometer
• Stopwatch
• Measuring jug

Experiment 2

• 5 jars or cups
• Thin shells e.g. mussels or egg shells
• Salt
• White vinegar
• Water
• pH paper
• Teaspoon
• Measuring jug

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