Do your students know what a hurricane looks like from space?

This activity will get children investigating the role of small satellites in helping scientists report and predict extreme weather events like tropical storms, particularly hurricanes.

Go deeper and identify how and why hurricanes are named and learn about the impact of these extreme weather events and will have opportunities to present their findings in creative and innovative ways.

Engage students with research into different hurricanes by bringing a little friendly competition to the classroom through the exclusive Logo Lift Off game HurriCards!

What’s more, try our hurricane in a bottle experiment (which pupils could also do at home) to take learning even further!

Are you a parent entering with your child(ren)? This activity will be fun for you too! You might especially like research and play a round of HurriCards or give the hurricane in a bottle experiment a go.

Curriculum links

England: Science, Geography, Computing,
English, PSHE
Scotland: Sciences, Technologies
Wales: Humanities, Languages, Literacy and
Communication, Science and Technology
Northern Ireland: The World Around Us, Language
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