This activity uses satellite images to investigate the effects of climate change. You will look at a variety of satellite images to see the impact on the earth and will research further to investigate the causes and consequences of climate change. Depending on how long you have, you can also conduct your own research, and present what you find in interesting and creative ways. Get creative thinking around how information can be shared!

What will you need?

Apart from the lesson plan and resources, you don’t need much, apart from whatever is required to present your research findings (like paper and pencils if you’re designing a poster).

There’s also a fun experiment to try at home, which can be done on its own or as homework or extension to the lesson. For this you will need:

  • ice trays and water to freeze
  • plastic or metal container
  • some small plastic animals

Curriculum links

For those in the classroom, this activity links to the following curricula.

England: Science, Geography, Computing, English, PSHE
Scotland: Sciences, Technologies, Languages
Wales: Humanities, Languages, Literacy and Communication, Science and Technology
Northern Ireland: The World Around Us, Language and Literacy